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Correctives raise your test grade by:

A      1- 2%


B       3-4%


C       5- 6 %


D       7- 8%


F        9-10%

On a seperate sheet of paper:

1.  Write the correct answer.


2.  Write the English or Spanish translation of your answer.


3.  Write the reason why your answer is now correct.  I need a clear explanation with a grammatical rule to give you credit.


If you have zero errors in your corrections you receive the higher percentage.  If you have one   error, you receive the lower percentage. If you have more that one error, you   will be asked to do them over again.    You can only receive credit from correctives one time per test.  However, you may re-do correctives as many times as needed until the credit is earned.  If I don’t feel that your  correctives explain the reason why the correct answer is correct, I will ask you to revise them.

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