Introduction to Parents

Welcome to Olympian 8 Math and Algebra

School year 2013-2014

Dear Parents,

My goal this year is for every student to be prepared for high school and to be college ready by their senior year.  Promoting a positive attitude towards school and the concepts of mathematics will help us all be successful. We can assist by encouraging attentive behavior in class and keeping in touch as concerns come up about a student’s progress.

In order to help the learning process, please encourage students to come prepared for class. Please make sure he or she comes to class daily with pencils, a notebook or binder, and a calculator.

Expectations for 8th grade students

Students are expected to take responsibility for their own learning.  The most successful students come to class on time and have few absences, remain attentive, participate in class discussions and activities, keep up with notes, complete all assignments (including homework), and ask questions when they need help.


Homework will be given each night and is expected to be completed daily.  If your child is struggling in math and needs help with homework, please encourage the student to check his or her notes, seek help in the online resources, or come to school early for additional instruction. Homework assignments will be accepted without penalty up to the day a unit test is given. After that date, the assignment will be scored with a zero.

Additional Instruction

Additional instruction is available before first period on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings. Students are encouraged to arrive at 7:45 AM to take full advantage of the 45 minute session.


Please check grades often as they can change weekly. Student work is weighted as follows:

Test average – 40%                  Quiz average – 30%                  Assignment average – 30%

Textbooks and On-Line access

Old Orchard Junior High School is using the Big Ideas Math and Algebra curriculum as well as Glencoe’s Algebra I for Accelerated Students. Books will be issued to students; however, they can also access the text at home using their login IDs and Passwords. Students may choose to bring their books to class to follow along with lessons each day. All materials necessary for class will be displayed on the SmartBoard.

Absentee Policy

When a student is absent from class, he or she is expected to get the assignment from the class blog, another student, or from the teacher. Students are expected complete and hand in missing work when they return.

Contacting the Teacher

You may contact me either by email or by phone. I will respond as quickly as possible, although I may not be able to return your call until the end of the day. Please leave a phone number and the best time to reach you. I look forward to getting to know you and your child!

Email:                   Phone: 847-676-9010 x7527

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