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8th Grade Drama Class

About 8th Grade Drama Class

The goal of this class is for 8th graders to develop their skills as performers and team members, and to learn about theatre arts and themselves. Over the course of the 12-week trimester, we will study physical comedy, theatre and society, and scene work. At the end of the trimester, we will create and perform a theatre piece about the 8th grade experience called “A Day in the Life of an 8th Grader” for other OOJH classes.

Current Homework Assignments

The heart of the 8th grade Drama curriculum is the work the class does together each day at school. If there are homework assignments for students to complete outside of class, they will be posted here.

There are no current homework assignments.

How to Contact Ms. Russo
I am here to help 8th graders succeed! Your learning is the first priority. If you need assistance, I am available before and/or after school by appointment. Students and their families should feel free to call or e-mail me with any questions or concerns.
Phone Number: 847-676-9010, ext. 7542

Additional Drama Class Policies and Procedures 8th Graders Should Know

• You will put forth your best effort to meet (and exceed!) the academic requirements of this class and your personal Drama goals.
• You will adhere to the OOJH Code of Conduct (being Respectful, Responsible, and Ready) while doing everything possible to make our classroom a positive, safe, and productive learning environment. Our classroom rule is “Help Everyone Succeed.”
• You will have all necessary class materials with you and be in class when the tone rings. You will sign in at the tardy binder if you are late and do not have a pass.

The following consequences may occur when rules are not followed or expectations not met:
• Verbal or visual reminder
• Going to the designated “Take a Break” area of Ms. Russo’s classroom to regain self-control
• Loss of privileges
• Phone call or e-mail to parents/guardians
• Detention
• Other consequences as needed

Grades will be determined based on the following categories: Prepared Performances, Drama Journal Entries, Audience Attention, Quizzes, Homework, and Classwork. You will be notified in advance how much an assignment is worth. Class participation will be taken into account when calculating your effort grade for the trimester.

To be eligible to earn full points on an assignment, it must be handed in (or performed, depending on assignment criteria) during Drama class when requested. Points will be deducted each day an assignment is late. After three school days, late assignments may not be accepted.  If you are absent, it is your responsibility to check Ms. Russo’s blog for any assignments.